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Florida has always been known for it’s beautiful beaches and amazing tourist destinations but what people often don’t know is that because it rains often in Florida people tend to fall from slippery surfaces. The people tend to fall in areas that are not properly maintained. The Florida laws governing such falls at Supermarkets, Shopping Centers, Apartment Complexes, Amusement Parks, Nightclubs ( Publix Target Walt Disney Universal Studios Sedanos Home Depot Lowes Sawgrass Mills Mall Dolphin Mall Outlet Mall South Beach Miami Beach Orlando Tampa Palm Beach Ft Lauderdale ) all state basically the same thing. The laws explains several elements that have to be fulfilled before your able hold a commercial establishment liable for injuries from a slip and fall. An experienced Slip and Fall Attorney in Florida knows exactly what needs to be demonstrated to get you the maximum amount for your damages. First the experienced Slip and Fall Attorneys at the Cordero Benages Davies Lawfirm know they have to clarify what the injured person was doing at the place that they slipped tripped and fell. This is called what status does the person injured have on the property. The two most common are 1. Business Invitee or 2. Trespassor. A business invitee is determined by what the person was doing at the business or establishment he fell at. For example, if a person goes to a Publix Supermarket and is walking down an aisle looking for his favorite brand of frozen pizza when out of no where he or she slips trips and falls. The person while on the floor immediately looks down and observes water comming from one of the freezers. The water looks like it is migrating slowly from the cooler at a very slow rate taking a substantial time for the water in which the person slipped on to puddle up and become a dangerous hazard. Moreover, the water that made the person slip trip and fall looked like it had been stepped on by countless other customers throughout the day. When a person is at a store that is open to the public and is there for the intended reason the store is open for he is a Business Invitee as stated above. When a person is a Business Invitee a Business Owner like Publix Target Home Depot Lowes Walmart owes them a very high standard of care. This standard of care is one that a business owner should do everything reasonable to keep it’s location free from known dangers and hazards or dangers and hazards that they should have known if they would do periodic checks of their premises to insure none exist. In the before mentioned example it was a Publix Supermarket Freezer that had been leaking for a substantial amount of time. A reasonable store owner would have had their staff do periodic safety checks to insure all the aisles were clear and safe from said hazards. This is a classic failure in maintenance by a Supermarket that could have been prevented a serious injury from a Slip Trip and Fall from a leaking freezer or from standing water that could have been spilled by a previous customer. Because the business owner didn’t keep his location / premises in a safe condition and  the business invitee fell they are held liable or they are negligent for the persons fall and are responsible for his injuries. The other example of a person’s status will be if the person is an uninvited guest or in legal terms a trespasser. A Slip and Fall Attorney from the Cordero Benages Davies Lawfirm is trained to distinguish between a business invitee and a trespasser. Furthermore, they are skilled in determining which duty of care is owed to each. A good example of a trespasser would be a person that wonders into an apartment complex were he knows no one and has zero business at said apartment complex. In complete difference to the business invitee an owner owes little to no duty to a trespasser on it’s property. It is the little things that make a difference in premise liability law. If you or your family member have a slip and fall at a commercial establishment call the Slip and Fall Lawyers at Cordero Benages Davies for a free consultation today.

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