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Verdicts and Settlements we have worked on.

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P. vs. C Management

10.1 Million

Negligent Security Case

Davis vs. Association Housing

 15.1 Million 

Negligent Security Case

P v Mobile Home Park

1 Million 

Negligent Security Case

M.D. v. Apartment Complex Jacksonville

2.6 Million 

Negligent Security Case.

J.Doe v. Checking Cashing 

1 Million 

Negligent Security Case.

Mapet vs. Cumbre Espana

3.1 Million Business litigation

Santos v T Power

5.1 Million Burn Explosion Case

C.F. v. H Car Manufacturer

3.1 Million Airbag Faulty Case.

P vs. Florida Keys Bar

5.1 Million 

Negligent Security Case.

Bentaces v S. Mall

$225,000 Slip and Fall at a Mall

M.D vs. Publix Supermarkets

$210,000 Slip and Fall at Market

Serano v Dollar Rent a Car

$500,000 Auto Accident

N.M. vs. Stuart Apt Complex.

$250,000 Negligent Security 


M. vs. Security Company

2.1 Million 

Security Company Negligence

Death Case

P. A. B. v. Apartment Complex in Miami Gardens, Florida – Confidential Settlement

$5 million for our client- Negligent Security

Z.L. vs. Gas Station 

$1 million for family of deceased

Negligent Security

Estate of B.B v. B.H.C.

Assault Negligent Security

Carmen A. Auto Accident

$100,000.00 policy limits herniated disc

E. B. Auto Accident


Assault Negligent Security

E.R. v S. Seafood


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