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If you are injured on cruise ship because of a slip and fall on the ship or during disembarkation and embarkation, a victim of a rape on the cruise ship, injured on a tour or by another cruise ship passenger, injured because of a norovirus outbreak or any other kind of injury while on a cruise ship call the Cruise Ship Accident Attorney in Florida we can help you recover for your injuries. 

The cruise line might be ignoring you, but we won’t.

Will the cruise line ever take responsibility?

They certainly don’t want to. You may have been injured, victimized on the ship, or worse. But cruise lines would rather look the other way.

Now you’re looking for justice. You might even be recovering from an injury.

Thankfully, there’s good news. When a cruise line is at fault for your injury, a family member’s injury, or a family member’s death, you can seek compensation through a personal injury claim or lawsuit.

You’re right. The cruise line is wrong.It’s time to recover the cost of medical treatment, pain and suffering, and any lost wages due to time away from work. At Cordero Benages Davies, we help you make the cruise line accept responsibility for your hardship.

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Maritime attorneys who know CRUISE SHIP LAWS

Here in Florida, we send more cruise passengers to sea and to foreign ports than any other state. Cruises can be fun, but they can also go wrong – and fast.

What’s more, cruise lines often go out of their way to skirt liability. That doesn’t always put them in the clear, but it means you may need help from an experienced team of maritime lawyers.

At Cordero Benages Davies, we help you seek justice, recover medical costs, and get your life back on track by:

  • Collecting extensive documentation about your cruise ship injury
  • Investigating the incident and establishing fault
  • Finding a doctor to treat and document any injuries
  • Negotiating medical bills, so you owe less and take home more money
  • Holding the cruise line responsible for your injuries
  • Completing paperwork from insurers and hospitals

The cruise line has made your life difficult, but it won’t be that way forever. We’re here to help you fight for justice and make life normal again.

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