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Strong Defense Against Ecstasy Possession Charges

A charge of possessing the psychotropic drug MDMA, widely known as ecstasy, must be taken very seriously. Your driver’s license could be suspended for one year if you are charged with this offense. And if you are convicted, you could get up to five years in prison. You could also lose your job, and if you are a student, your financial aid.

At The Law Office of Cordero Benages Davies in  Miami  we can help you fight back against the ecstasy possession charge or any other drug charge. Mr. Cordero’s team  are former criminal prosecutor who now focuses much of his practice on defending clients against ecstasy possession and other drug offenses.

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How Our Experience Benefits Your Defense

A friend or acquaintance may have given you ecstasy tablets or powder at a dance party. Or you may have acquired the drug — also called MDMA or Molly — in some other way.

Regardless of the amount or form of the drug involved, you will want an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side to protect your rights and help you resolve the charges.

As an experienced defense lawyer in cases involving drug charges, Juan Cordero’s team knows how to take the steps needed for the best resolution of your case. For example, it is often a good strategy to reach out to the prosecution early in the process. Mr. Cordero’s team are well-respected by prosecutors, which gives him credibility in seeking to have charges dismissed or reduced.

At the same time, we also look aggressively for holes in the prosecution’s case. If there is an issue about an illegal search or the sufficiency of the evidence, we will raise that forcefully on your behalf.

Get The Defense You Need

Your reputation and future prospects are on the line. It’s time to get the help you need.

Led by founding lawyer , Juan Cordero our firm is experienced in defending clients against possession of ecstasy and other drug charges.

Miami Defense Attorney for Disorderly Conduct Charges

Police and prosecutors have wide discretion in charging our clients with disorderly conduct. The vague legal definition leaves room for abuse, if not wrongful accusations. At The Law Office Juan Cordero we counter aggressive police officers and prosecutors with an equal amount of diligence and dedication.

Attorney Juan Cordero — the founder of our law firm — combines his criminal defense experience with a thorough and contemporary knowledge of both state and city disorderly conduct statutes. In addition, he is a former prosecutor who once handled disorderly conduct and other criminal cases on the opposing side of the courtroom.

What Constitutes Disorderly Conduct?

While disorderly conduct can take various forms and is subject to interpretation, acts that corrupt public morals, outrage the sense of public decency or affect the peace and quiet of witnesses are a criminal offense. Profane language, loud noises, property damage and physical fights can result in serious consequences for the accused.

Our job is to get to the facts of a disorderly conduct criminal charge. That starts with the initial consultation, where we spend time with clients to get their side of the story. From there, we review arrest reports and witness statements. Our founder employs trial skills honed as both a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor in cross-examining arresting officers. In the end, we fight for the best outcome, even if it involves trying cases involving disorderly conduct.

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Miami Lawyer Defending Against Student Crimes

There is a misconception that what someone does as a juvenile does not count or affect that person as an adult. This is not true. If your child commits a crime as a juvenile, that crime may stay on his or her record for life. It may affect school, employment and many other opportunities.

After initial arrest, your child will either remain in secure detention for up to 21 days (sometimes longer if the state attorney requests) or be released to home detention. Home detention means the child is on house arrest under the supervision of a parent or guardian. If your child violates any conditions of this release, he or she will remain in secure detention.

Certain juvenile offenses can have serious consequences, including juvenile prison where youths can be kept until they turn 22. They can also be placed on probation until they turn 19, with a curfew, community service, drug and alcohol courses and many more sanctions.

Depending on the severity of the charges, the state can charge your child as an adult. If this happens, your child is subject to the same penalties as any adult defendant and could go to an adult state prison.  Attorney Juan Cordero has firsthand knowledge of how the system works and what defenses may be available to get your case dismissed.

The juvenile justice system is much different from the adult system and you need an attorney who can give your child the best chance of success. While the state still has to prove a juvenile case beyond a reasonable doubt, there is no jury system and all trials are in front of a judge.

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