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Our cities have been plagued by crime for decades. A recent study by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement showed that our towns throughout the State of Florida have had huge spikes in crime. For instance, in Stuart, Florida once a sleepy little city is now 80 percent more dangers than other cities in Florida. Cities like Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Ft. Myers and Port St. Lucie have seen the same kind of spike in violent crime over last several years. These spikes usually come with population growth and the change of demographics to one’s area. Moreover, if there is a steady climb in youth unemployment this also fuels the criminal activity. Unfortunately, more violent crime in a city means more victims of crimes. Victims come in all shapes and sizes but the most common are persons that are severely injured by an assault of somekind like a shooting, stabbing or fist fight. These victims are left with injuries that last a life time and are almost always in need of economic assistance. In most cases many of these crimes can be prevented if the appropriate steps were taken at the place the crime occurred. In this I mean if a crime occurs at a place that is a shopping center, mall, nightclub, bar, parking lot, convenience store, apartment complex, hotel, gas station, concert, event or any other commercial establishment open to the public. In determining prevention of a crime we must first ask what is the crime in the local area. What has been the crime on the business owners property and in the surrounding area for the last 5 years. The surrounding area is for the most part 3 miles from the location of the owners property. One must also determine the status of the victim. Was the victim a business invitee or a trespaaser? Was he in a commission of a crime? What was his association with the person that committed the violent crime? Only a well qualified Negligent Security Crime Victim Advocate Lawyer can figure out the details in pursuing a complex legal issue as this. The lawyers at Cordero Benages Davies are among the top lawyers in Florida that handle Crime Victim cases. It is the details in cases as this that are the difference between the recovery you deserve for your damages. Call us today for a free consultation 1.800.789.9999

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