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To often lately we read of young life being severly injured or killed in violence. It happens most of the time at an apartment complex, gas station, shopping mall, night club, market, county fair, housing community, restaurant or event. Unfortunately, the wounds left by these tragic losses or injuries are life changing to the people left with the injuries or the loved one’s left behind to sort out the answers. This could be a grieving  wife or husband, a young daughter or son that has lost their parental guidance because of the senseless act and it can be a sibling who now has to figure out how to raise a child and fill an unfillable void. In the last 20 years our firm has sat down in homes who have suffered these great unmeasured losses. We listen to all of stories of the deceased or severely injured was prior to the violent act. Consequently, many of time we come to the realization that the violence could have been prevented. In South Florida many of our commercial establishments have a very bad habit of being reactive instead of proactive. In this I mean that if they had taken the time to understand were there apartment complex was located, had seen the people that frequent their nightclub or shopping center, went and participated in some of the events the create or even look into crime through reviewing a crime grid in and around a 3 to 5 mile radius of their establishment they would understand the security measures that need to be in place to save lives. Active Ownership in commercial propety ownership is what makes a difference. Moreover, have a trained security expert come out and do an analysis of the property. Have him find all points that makes your establishment a vulnerable target to criminals. These analysis consist of securing points of entry and exits, lighting, video survailance, security detail, training of the staff and much more. These are reasonable actions by a commercial establishment owner to take to prevent a known hazard to harm it’s patrons. Each and every commercial establishment owner has a duty to act reasonably the moment they open their doors to the public. They need to be vigilant and not absentee. Furthermore, just because 10 years ago a neighborhood was safe doesnt mean it is safe now. Conducting perpetual periodic checks of their establishments prevents deaths and injuries. In addition, it prevents attorneys like our firm at Law Offices of Juan Cordero Attorney Port Saint Lucie 1.772.227.0577 from initiating a law suit against them for negligent security. If you or your loved one have been a victim of a crime in a commercial establishment mentioned feel free to call us or if you own a commercial establishment and want us to conduct an onsite premises liablility assessment feel free to call us too. 

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